“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” ― Santosh Kalwar

Some people in society are able to engage in substance use, for example, have a glass of wine with dinner, take pain relief medication when unwell or play a hand of black jack on a night out. Then there are others who have a more complex and challenging relationship with a substance or behaviour. The relationship is often tied up in emotional distress and a need for joy.
The beginning of a person’s addiction does not always look and feel like it could be a problem, rather, it evolves gradually. You do not have to be in crisis to know you may have an addiction. A person may find himself or herself worried about feelings of guilt, lack of control or upset by others’ comments about their behaviour. Let us help you make the first step.
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Let’s not judge and let’s begin a conversation about the relationship you have with a substance or activity. We are not orientated to any doctrine, religious orientation or one particular approach. We are trained in evidence based treatment and understanding the complexity of your concerns.

Addiction can cause tremendous suffering for loved ones who are often trying to help the person in need. It is important everyone has access to education and counselling. If you know someone who may be affected, we want to know how you are too and what impact this may have on your life. We provide counselling to AOD workers, family members, friends, partners and those directly affected.

Are you versed in the cycle of change? How familiar are you with stories of recovery? We offer individual counselling, couples and family counselling, along with referring to local community networks. Getting into a healthy space mentally and physically takes support from others. Reach out and learn more about you and your true capabilities. We work with you on one day at a time.

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