In light of COVID-19 we are expanding our services to reach more people - we are available via phone, online video chat and in person (for as long as possible) - we prioritise your mental health and continue to be here to help you.


Stress is a normal sense of tension and worry that occurs during times in life with extra pressure. Anxiety is much more intense state of fear that effects the physiology of our body and of our thoughts. Anxiety can feel all-encompassing and interfere with everyday life. Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way therefore it is important you gain a clear understanding of what you are feeling and why. Symptoms of anxiety can include; rapid heart rate, hot flushes, shaking hands, difficulty concentrating, poor short term memory, shortness of breath, difficulty articulating your thoughts or mind going ‘blank’, sweating and dizziness. People have often described anxiety as if:

  • “I needed to escape the situation”
  • “I thought everyone was staring at me”
  • “I wanted to run out of the room”
  • “I thought I was having a heart attack”
  • “I felt as those something was seriously wrong with me”
  • “I couldn’t describe what was happening to me”
  • “I felt sick and wanted to go home”
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