In light of COVID-19 we are expanding our services to reach more people - we are available via phone, online video chat and in person (for as long as possible) - we prioritise your mental health and continue to be here to help you.

What We Do

What We Do

We believe psychological healthcare is central to living a fulfilling and nourishing life. What difference would it make in if you understood more about your motivations, thinking patterns, behaviours and relationship choices? We break the mould by striving to better the community through mental health education. Our psychologists want to see you thrive in life by understanding what makes you tick and how to keep yourself well.

Psychological wellbeing is paramount to healthy living. We provide education and counselling to help you reach your goals, and discover more about you.

How would personalised therapy help you in your life? What obstacles do you wish to overcome? Reach out and connect to a professional.

Talking with friends can be helpful, however, when we are working on personal matters, a professional can give you insight that is objective and unique. Psychologists are trained to understand thoughts, feelings and behaviours. A professional can help you learn new aspects of yourself, and how to take the best care of you and you loved ones.

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The Contemporary Psychology Clinic offers education, assessment, counselling, short term coaching and long-term therapy for all those with curious minds. All staff are qualified and experienced and uphold strict ethical standards. We ensure you address your concerns with confidentiality, as we respect every person’s right to examine their thoughts and feelings in privacy. We are bound by Australia Psychology Society’s code of ethics; maintain consistent professional development and national regulations to ensure you are protected. We provide a modern professional space where everyone in the community is welcome.

Move away from the outdated views on therapy, counselling and uncomfortable couches.

We offer access to outcome driven professionals that care about treating your concerns. We are all experienced psychologists trained to understand human behaviour, ill-health, and most importantly we inspire mental HEALTH. We use brain-based research to think about what influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We have a keen focus on evidence based insights and developments in the field to ensure up to date interventions are provided. We are committed to providing a service that steps outside traditional models and change lives each conversation at a time.

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